Photog by Peter Vidani
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"How many before me have rested their head in the valley of your thighs? When this question no longer matters to me, then I will love you."

— My friend found a globe that was a decorated with a map of the world according to the Spanish Armada. One axis had all 12 months, and the other had all 12 zodiac signs. He found it inside an abandoned electrical factory in Oklahoma City. The base of the globe had a drawer. Inside there was one silver bullet casing, a pH testing strip, and this note.

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"He would say, ‘How funny it will all seem, all you’ve gone through, when I’m not here anymore, when you no longer feel my arms around your shoulders, nor my heart beneath you, nor this mouth on your eyes, because I will have to go away someday, far away…’ And in that instant I could feel myself with him gone, dizzy with fear, sinking down into the most horrible blackness: into death."

— Arthur Rimbaud

"I’m a chick. I Party. I waste. Sometimes I’m alive. I need more love! More sex, drugs, and thrills! More laughs! More culture! More dynamite and disaster! More clouds! More dreams! I need more than I ever did before, but everything is going up in price. Just the sheer presence of electricity in large doses has always made me feel real comfortable and calm. It was like, I gotta get out of here, I gotta get outta here. I hate this life! I hate everything about it! I can’t live with it. It hurts me. I feel odd around these people, and music is the only place to hide. The refuge, really…"

droooooooooooooooool drooool drooool droooooooool. Oh my god, dreeeeaaam bike.

droooooooooooooooool drooool drooool droooooooool. Oh my god, dreeeeaaam bike.